Welcome to Hakodate Goodwill Guide Association (HGGA)


Hakodate Goodwill Guide Association is officially registered as a Systematized Goodwill

Guide Club of Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Our Association was established in June, 1986 as a non-profit organization with its origin dating back to 1964, when the Tokyo Olympic Games was held.


Our Association is composed of members who can speak different languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

All the members are willing to contribute to an international friendship between nations.


We are very happy to offer our services and share our knowledge of Hakodate sightseeing

and foreign languages for anyone in need of tour guide and other services in Hakodate area. ​​​



1) Name: Hakodate Goodwill Guide Association 

2) Nickname: Hakodate SGG Club (SGG:Systematized Goodwill Guide)

3) Establishment: June 29, 1986

4) Membership: 43 members (Jan. 2020)

5) Language covered:English, Chinese and Korean

6) Website:


7) E-mail: hakodategoodwill@yahoo.co.jp

8) Major area of activities: Mainly Hakodate area and its suburban area. 

How to contact:





Important Notice

To "hot mail" users, for some reason there are cases that our email goes into your spam

mail folder or are rejected. In this case we are not able to send you a confirmation.

Introducing a tour guide is not possible either. Please try to use other email address if 

your email address is "hot mail" address. 



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